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As most adults know, it can be difficult to improve one's diet/health with basic nutritional advice.

Most diets will fail, but not necessarily because the coaching is improper, or because the client doesn't "want it enough", but because the client does not possess the ability to conceptualize the patterning of their meals.

This may sound abstract, but it's actually very concrete.

Individuals who struggle with diet/weight loss almost universally eat in either a haphazard manner, or under constant stress, or both. 

Effective changes to one's habits cannot be made under these conditions, thus, the client must learn to journal - in great detail - if they wish to dramatically alter their meal patterns. 

Journaling enables you to track exactly what and when you eat. This will allow you to examine - and eventually manipulate - your eating patterns and meal composition. 

This is akin to journaling with a psychologist. The content will differ, but the intention is the same. It is only when we have self-authored a habit in great detail, that we can begin to manipulate that habit.  

Nutritional consulting will be done mostly via online correspondence. If you wish to meet in person to obtain some initial instruction, you're welcome to do so. Otherwise, the journal format can be downloaded here and you can get right to work. I recommend printing the journal formatting and making photocopies of the template pages.

Upon completion, the pages can be scanned and sent to us via email. 

No fees will be collected during the journaling process. The length of the journaling process will vary depending on your current level of health, which can be determined by filling out the form below. 


Pricing is also provided upon request.