Proving yet again that a properly applied high intensity training (H.I.T.) routine is not only appropriate, but beneficial for almost anyone who commits to it, researchers out of Australia have demonstrated that high intensity training in individuals between the ages of 60 - 80 years with Type 2 Diabetes, in combination with a moderate weight loss plan, is more effective than a moderate weight loss plan only for improving glycemic control.

The authors demonstrated that Glycated hemoglobin, which is used to measure blood glucose control over longer periods of time, and is normally much higher in individuals with DM, was significantly reduced in the H.I.T. and moderate weight loss group. 

The further added benefits of a high intensity training program were demonstrated as; improvements in overall strength, as well as an increase in lean body mass and a reduction in fat. 

It's interesting to note that as lean body mass increased in the H.I.T. group, it actually decreased in the weight loss only group. This is a strong indicator that high intensity training is indeed a feasible, and I would argue an essential element to any treatment approach for older individuals with type 2 Diabetes.  

Aaron TanasonComment