Healthy Hypertrophy

The end goal of any health pursuit is at minimum to preserve lean body mass, and ideally to also induce some degree of muscular hypertrophy.

This doesn’t have to mean building significant amounts of lean tissue, but if you cause a muscular growth response that results in as little as a 1% increase in the size of that muscle, then technically you’re a bodybuilder.

Unfortunately, the bodybuilding industry is definitively unhealthy.

Imagine that!

One of the healthiest things you can do, namely, build strength and ‘some’ amount of lean tissue, (build your body) has been debauched so completely by muscle magazines and attention starved steroid junkies, that average people regularly scoff at the idea of building ANY amount of muscle at all!

But by applying an eclectic training strategy that takes into consideration volume, intensity, specificity, and novelty, we can much more effectively improve strength and body composition without compromising our health in the process.


3 sessions/week x 3 month cycle


$2,340 + HST

Complimentary 90 Minute Massage Upon Cycle Completion