New Clients

During your first visit, we'll review your health and medical history and develop a treatment plan that's right for you.

This includes 5-15 minutes of treatment planning or testing - depending on the complexity of your case - followed by 60 - 70 minutes of hands-on treatment. 

Please note that we do not bill insurance companies directly, but do provide you with an insurance receipt for extended health coverage.

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           Aaron Tanason, R.M.T.

          Aaron Tanason, R.M.T.

  • Founder; R.M.T.   (2008)
  • Bachelor of Human Kinetics (Movement Science) (2007)
  • HIT trainer; Personal Trainer  (2015)
  • Precision Nutrition; PN1  (2016)
      Lisa Marie de Miranda, R.M.T.

     Lisa Marie de Miranda, R.M.T.

  • R.M.T.  (2011)
  • Bachelor of Human Kinetics (Movement Science)  (2010)
  • Lisa is on maternity leave as of July 2017